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Dr. Jay Bryson, BA, MM, and DMA is an early-retirement University Professor/Administrator with over 15 years in real estate. Jay is also a professional ghostwriter/coauthor/copywriter specializing in novels, "how-to" books, and bios for celebrities, students and grandparents.

The two big areas in buying or selling a home are networking and negotiating. Jay wrote the book on When it comes to negotiating the right price on the home you are buying or selling, Jay has the experience and skill to negotiate a good deal for you.

He has owned a Hilton Hotel (West Texas), an Air Force Base (Amarillo, Texas) and has sold high-end properties for some time now. Having traveled to almost every hamlet in the world, Jay is at home with most nationalities and cultures. He has dined with the president, the governor, and the janitor. There are not many clients too big for him.

Jay has studied five languages and is published in four. His favorite pastimes are ballroom dancing and writing.

So, if you don't know anyone ready to buy or sell a home right now, perhaps you know someone who has always wanted to write a novel, or their biography, and just doesn't know how to get started. Tell them about Jay.

Read a review of one of his thrillers:>.

Sample from the novel:

…Ezell and the Slocums had chased her all night.

Soon she was in the valley of wildflowers, her weary legs reaching. Out of pistol range, but not out of rifle range, she knew her white skirt was silhouetted in the moonlight.

She could hear the Slocums shouting and shooting and, over her shoulder, could see the white puffs from the rifles. She had to make it to Grandmother Dare's front door.

She flew past the corncrib, the water wheel, and the old mill, coming down hard on the front yard.

Closer. Closer. Closer.

Barbara Dare was now climbing the steps of home. Suddenly lightning exploded inside her. She felt the deep burning pain go through her side before she heard the shots. The last thing she saw was her own blood splatter the cabin door.…

The tobacco cartel had won. Or so it seemed….

-- A Trace of Smoke, a novel by Jay (O.J.) Bryson, © 2000
John Grisham's editor emeritus wrote in the intro.
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