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To some, Metro San Diego may appear to be just a vast area of long streets, older homes, midrise residential buildings and small businesses. But to those who love Metro San Diego, the "urban" area outside of downtown, it is a collage of wonderful neighborhoods and villages, each with its own unique culture, personality and history. And each area has a vast array of San Diego homes for sale for locals and lucky transplants to consider.

Mission Hills
Few places in San Diego offer street after tree-lined street of so many unique, historically significant and beautifully maintained homes as in Mission Hills, one of the more upscale affluent Metro neighborhoods. With many streets overlooking Old Town, downtown and San Diego Bay, this area was developed early in the last century (1908). Most of the houses are from that era, often carefully preserved and restored. During a short drive on most streets, you're likely to see homes designed by San Diego's foremost architects including William Hebbard, William Templeton Johnson, Emmor Brooke Weaver, Nathan Rigdon, Richard Requa and Joel E. Brown. Another building boom in the 1950s and '60s added more-modern homes to the area, built by respected masters such as Lloyd Ruocco, Homer Delawie, John Lloyd Wright and Sim Bruce Richards.

Sharing the 92103 ZIP code with Mission Hills is Hillcrest, just to the east. If Mission Hills makes an honorable nod to the past, Hillcrest is charging full speed into the future. There probably are more trendy restaurants, more hip and comfortable bars and more popular nightclubs than there are residents of this dynamic and popular area. With several major street fairs and events each year, there is usually always something going on in Hillcrest. The housing in this area tends to be small homes scattered among newer and more-modern midrise condo buildings and apartments. Considering the very high walkability scores, even though the homes in this area tend to be smaller, they can get pricy.

North Park
Want a yard? Love Craftsman or bungalow-style homes? Need more space but still want to be close to some of the action? Then head a little further east to North Park and its uber-cool cousin, South Park. Many homes in this area may be original or were lightly updated in the past. But just as many have been completely redone or enhanced recently with features that today's homeowner is seeking: open floor plans, modern appliances and designer hard surfaces like real wood floors, exotic tiles and natural stones. With dozens of small neighborhood parks scattered throughout and to the south, the larger Morley Field and a public golf course with killer views to the San Diego-Coronado Bridge and downtown, there are plenty of opportunities to leave your beautiful home and get outside with your neighbors. Not to be outdone by Hillcrest, North Park also has a wonderful array of restaurants and boutique shops, and was recently named craft brew capital of the United States, highlighting the explosive growth of microbreweries, tasting rooms and guided beer tours in the area.

Bankers Hill
Acting as the gateway from uptown to downtown, Bankers Hill is perfectly positioned to offer its lucky residents some of the most amazing bay and city views in the area. The neighborhood used to be home to many of the businessmen and bankers who worked downtown and took the streetcar or walked the short distance down the hill; hence its name. Decades later, the area got the nickname Pill Hill because of the large number of doctor offices and medical buildings. Some of the high-rise buildings in the area offer the highest level of concierge and white-glove services and homeowner association amenities found in the region.

Normal Heights, Kensington and Talmadge
These communities comprise the easternmost areas of Metro San Diego.

Our Mission Hills Office
With so many neighborhoods and housing opportunities that offer vibrant ways to enjoy a more urban San Diego lifestyle, make sure you seek the professional real estate advice and services of a real local - someone who knows the San Diego real estate scene inside and out. We've been a market leader in the area for decades, and most of our experienced and professional Mission Hills REALTORS® live, play and work right in these neighborhoods.

And like the dynamic communities we serve, a blending of the old nostalgic with a new modern twist, so is our conveniently located office, on the corner of West Washington and Goldfinch streets, in the heart of Mission Hills. Part of our office is a historic landmark, its exterior preserved and restored as it appeared 100 years ago. We also enjoy a tastefully modern and updated addition to the building, boasting a cozy conference room designed in a Craftsman style complete with inviting fireplace. When you're in the area, stop by. We'd be delighted to give you a tour as well as pull up our modern flat-screen monitor so you can view some excellent San Diego homes for sale in any of the communities that make up our "metro."

Mission Hills Real Estate Agents

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